So I finally got a blog…

It was inevitable really. I started out an angry working-class kid growing up in what could be described as a sleepy suburb of Birmingham but what I will more readily describe as a desolate wasteland more akin to a Soviet-Bloc slum circa 1979 – and I wish someone had closed the bloody Iron Curtain on the shithole.

Fast forward a few years, a move, two humanities degrees, a flat in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a ‘proper job’, a wardrobe full to the brim with tweed and musty knitwear, a faux-vintage record player, a Macbook and finally a blog later I have evolved into a fully-fledged middle-class yuppie. As a person I suppose I have been circling the plughole of narcissistic, hypocritical hipster bellend-ism for some time now. Despite my tone you’ll no doubt have guessed that I quite like being the postulating, self proffessed-‘intellectual’ that I am – I wouldn’t have started a blog in my own honour otherwise.

Though I do believe that to some extent blogs tend to be a shrine to the self; a platform from which to ‘humblebrag’ one’s achievements, possessions, experiences (Yes, I know I did just that in my opening few sentences) and to assert the authority of one’s own opinion on everything under the sun as if anyone actually gives a toss. However I have set out with the idea in mind that my blog will at least attempt to be entertaining, or at the very least offer honest insight and opinion into the things that I, and presumably many other young(ish), thinky, city types come across in life.

As for now I’m not sure what this blog is going to be, I am quite at peace with it being purely for my own benefit, a sort of online journal if you like, at least that way I can pretend I don’t care if not even my mum reads it. So that’s it for now, I guess you can expect more inane chatter in the future, probably.